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ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles)

ZEV Motors LLC was founded in spring 2007 after year of planning and market research.
Our goal is to build, import and sell electric cars, rollers and other enviromentally friendly vehicles.

Currently we promote electric vehicles as transportation very much suited for urban environment, long term goal is to develop Estonian electric car and start small scale production.

Electric vehicle main benefits are:
no exhaust gases nor micro particles that are released in combustion engine
almost no noise can easily use renewable energy sources to drive (wind or sun energy)
can use energy from breaking
simple design that ensures reliability
requires very little maintenance
can charge wherever (requires standard power outlet 220V)
electric vehicles have a very long lifetime
more efficient than gasoline, diesel or hydrogen car.
after lifespan of electric car is over the components and materials are very easy to recycle

Elecric car - ZEV Smiley

Electric car ZEV Smiley is here and available to drive and buy today!__ZEV Smiley is here and is one of the best electric cars for city driving available today with it's long range, reliable technology, many comfort features and it is the best priced electric car available in european market, having also the longest range in it's class.

Specifications of ZEV Smiley:
Top speed: 50km/h for standard model or 65km/h for high speed model.
Range: up to 130km in straight line, which is approximately 80km of city driving.
Technology: 72V 6.5kw (acceleration up to 18kw) brushless AC motor and maintenance free Lead Acid batteries.
Heating system: Gas heating system for comfort included in standard model.
Comfort items: electric windows and CD player are standard equipment.
Climbing angel: up to 13 degrees fully loaded.
Warranty: Three years for body and drivetrain, 20000km or two years for batteries*.
Interior: Natural leather interior included in standard model.

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